Vouchers and Tickets

1. Buy coupons and tickets for a tandem jump

Vouchers e.g. for a tandem jump and tickets for an appointment, e.g. likewise for a tandem jump can be bought like normal articles in the shop of Skydive Saar (Fallschirmsportschule Saar GmbH).
Once you have purchased a coupon or ticket and this or this has been unlocked after successful payment, you will receive an e-mail in which the coupon or the ticket is included as an attachment. You can then use the coupon, e.g. print out to give it away. You can print the ticket for a tandem jump appointment or bring it as a file on your mobile phone for your booked appointment.

2. Redeem a voucher and sending of tickets

Once you have received a coupon by e-mail, you can use it to pay for your order. If the voucher value is below the value of the merchandise, you must select your preferred method of payment for the difference and first clear the difference, so that, for example, a ticket for a tandem jump appointment is considered paid. Vouchers and tickets will only be sent after successful payment processing. If the voucher value (only for vouchers) exceeds the value of the goods, the remaining credit will of course be available for your next order.
If, contrary to expectations, problems with a voucher should occur, please contact us by e-mail: info [at] fsz-saar.de.
Please describe the problem as exactly as possible, important information includes:
Your customer number, the coupon code, system error messages, and the browsers you use.

3. Validity of vouchers

Vouchers issued by us are valid for 3 years after the statutory limitation period.
The period of limitation begins at the end of the year in which the claim (purchase of the voucher) arose.
The vouchers are not named and can therefore be transferred to other persons within the statute of limitations. A refund of the voucher amount, for whatever reason, is excluded.